Lý Chính Thắng Store

The underground shelter for dreams.

Ngã Sáu Store

Memories of an ancient Binh Duong

Nguyễn Du Store

A glimpse of Saigon printing house

Nha Trang Store

Champa breeze in modern space

Hội An Store

The port continues the dream of trade and cultural interference.

Diamond Store

Balance and flow in Vietnamese feng shui

Ly Chinh Thang Branch

The underground shelter for dreams

Located on Ly Chinh Thang street, Giong welcomes its guests with an excerpt from the ancient epic poem Binh Ngo Dai Cao by poet Nguyen Trai, meticulously engraved next to the door frame leading inside.

The space design of Giong 180 Ly Chinh Thang is associated with the glorious history of struggle of the Vietnamese people. The architecture here is inspired by Pho Binh restaurant - the forward headquarters of the Saigon Rangers on Ly Chinh Thang street, a shelter for soldiers' big dreams.

Taking the shape of a tunnel, Giong 180 LCT's project uses mostly gray concrete, combined with the brown color of wooden tables and chairs, under the warm yellow light, it exudes elegance but no less. cozy and intimate part. In particular, the highlight of the space is the softly curved bar area, where guests and Baristas at Giong often sit and chat about coffee beans.

If the project lacked historical embodiments, it would probably not be able to fully form the spatial meaning that Giong aimed for. Epic paintings are displayed on a neutral background as an intersection between the heroic past and today's modern pace of life.

Understanding customers' thoughts, the space at Giong is designed to be private - shared, with seats arranged to suit your purpose when visiting Giong. In addition to corners for studying, working or chatting with friends, Giong also has 2 private rooms with a capacity of about 30 people to serve customers who need meetings and group work.

Nga Sau Branch

Memories of an ancient Binh Duong

It can be said that Giong Nga Sau was built as a space revitalization project. Originating from the love for the land of Binh Duong - where Giong's founders were born and attached from childhood to adolescence, Giong Nga Sau project is inspired by the chain of values. The culture in Binh Duong's memories of that day is subtly integrated with modernity in the heart of today's bustling urban area.

Giong Nga Sau has a large space area, including 1 ground floor, 2 floors and a terrace. All floors of the restaurant have windows overlooking the surrounding scenery, making the most of the sunlight, making the space always full of life. You can visit Giong Nga Sau to catch the early morning sun with a cup of coffee, or watch the sunset in the late afternoon.

The space of Nga Sau street is a picture of interference between two eras. An ancient Binh Duong was scaled down with Dinh Hoa and Thanh Le lacquerware, Dai Hung ceramic jars and handicraft products on display as reminders of the cultural values that have gradually belonged to this land. forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.

The rooftop at Giong Nga Sau is also a poetic stop in the moments when you are looking for relaxation after a long, stressful day of work. Opposite the Chanh Cathedral, the rooftop of Giong Nga Sau gives you the feeling of being immersed in the ancient space of France.

Nguyen Du Branch

A glimpse of Saigon printing house

Giong 57 Nguyen Du was assigned the responsibility of recalling the most successful printing factory in Saigon at one time - Imprimerie de l'Union of Mr. Nguyen Van Cua, famous for publishing Luc Tinh Tan Van.

Welcome everyone to the shop with an impressive yellow wall color, embellished with green door trim for a modern color contrast. The ceiling-high red counter is where delicious glasses of water are prepared before reaching customers and is also the highlight of the restaurant's youthful space. Guests will feel warm when coming to Giong because of the brown wooden interior, interspersed with a few soft leather sofas typical of old Saigon.

Located at the headquarters of the former printing house and inspired by the design, Giong 57 Nguyen Du brings you the modern life of Saigon today and the splendor of the Pearl of the Far East in the past.

Nha Trang Branch

Giong Nha Trang - Champa breeze in the bustling coastal city space

Located in the city center just 300m from the sea, Giong Nha Trang opens up a spacious space combining Champa cultural materials and dynamic modern architecture. Right in the coastal city of Nha Trang, Giong chose to bring the typical cultural imprint of the Champa people into the modern coffee space. Across the walls of the shop, the pointed pyramids of ancient temples can be seen. Each red brick or skillful dance pattern reminds us of the cultural values that have existed for a long time on the central coastal strip.

Giong space has a seamless open design inside and out, bringing an open connection between people and people. The spacious area and rows of large glass windows allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the vibrant intersection.

Located not far from the Central Highlands raw material area and easily connected to the Central and Southern regions, Giong Nha Trang is the heart of the Giong team's roastery. With an open roaster and storage design and glass packaging/workshop area, you can also observe the process of roasting, grinding and preparing fresh coffee right in the central area of the shop.

Hoi An Branch

Giong Hoi An - Port of Marketing continues the dream of trade and cultural interference.

Giong Hoi An is a place that inherits the typical cultural features of the ancient port town, a place of commercial interference between cultures, between the old and the new, between art and life.

Immersed in the land recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, Giong Hoi An has preserved the original architecture of the three-room house in the old town. The 2-storey house has a breath of traditional Chinese architecture, with a front room serving business and spaces behind and above serving storage of goods and living. The ancient house with a very long depth, yin and yang tiled roof, solid ironwood frame structure and yellow lime-washed brick walls, has resisted over the years the harshness of the Central Coast region.

Giong Hoi An continues the spirit of East-West cultural trade, preserving and harmonizing many years of commercial and cultural memories between the tradition and modernity of the old town. At Giong Hoi An will be the place where you can buy and experience roasted coffee beans and pure Vietnamese products from the shop in front of the house or enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee, a drink imported from the West. in an ancient Oriental house, a place that makes visitors' souls feel the smooth flow of history on the banks of the Thu Bon River.

Diamond Plaza Branch

Giong Diamond - Balance and flow in Vietnamese feng shui.

Diamond Plaza is located in the heart of District One, the first modern commercial center in the central core area of Saigon - surrounded by Notre Dame Cathedral, City Post Office, Turtle Lake, Reunification Palace... . and also used to be Gia Dinh Thanh, witnessing many ups and downs in history for more than 140 years. So, from the special geographical location mentioned above, along with historical and cultural inheritance, Giong here is a store inspired by Feng Shui - Balance.

Through that, we introduce a unique and high-quality space, service and coffee. Balance - which is essentially rummaging and searching for contrasts and opposites - is the struggle between work and life, between past and present, between choosing instability or acceptance. accept stability, between right and wrong, between right and left, etc. Located in the middle of the 5th floor, in Giong Diamond space, you can see an interior design inspired by Turtle Lake with soft curves, to connect the flow of time and space. Please sit at Giong Diamond once to feel the modernization of Saigon and the quality of Vietnamese coffee every day.


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